TribalWars Extreme - Helpful Tools for the Serious Gamer

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When I press the script nothing happens?

A: You should disable your pop up blocker.

Q: When I press the script it does not input the merchants on the market screen?

A: This often happens when the script was not installed properly. Try re-installing it.

Q: When I press submit, I get a page of python errors?

A:There are two possibilities. One, you did not wait long enough for the village overview tab to finish loading. This often happens when you are trying to balance resources in a large group of villages. Try again, and make sure to wait until the village overview tab finishes loading. Or two, you might have uncovered a bug in the resource balancer. Please take a screen shot of the error and email it to support at extremetw dot com.

Q: When I try and run the script, the new tabs open up with a '404 Page Not Found' error?

A: You need to turn on your dynamic menu bar. In your menu bar go to Settings --> Settings and check the box to turn on your dynamic menu bar. We are working on a fix, so that you do not need to have your dynamic menu bar on.

FYI: If you are still having trouble, you probably need to configure your popup blocker to allow popups from tribalwars.

Q: I allowed popups from tribalwars and i'm still getting blank pages in the popups?

A: There is a random bug when you have a . or - or ! in your villages names that causes the script to not work. We are trying very hard to pinpoint and fix this bug.

Planned Enhancements:

1. Ability to balance resources based upon coin / packet ratio of 28k:30k:25K

2. Ability to send extra iron to villages that are recruiting troops. This might get combined with planned enhancement 1.

3. Save resource balancing plans for one week at a unique url, so that you can come back and finish them later when you have time.

Still Need Help? Want to Chat?

You can contact us via email at support at extremetw dot com. Or join our chat room on skype!